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ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council

In November 2015, history was made with the formation of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council(AYEC). It brings together the leading young entrepreneur association from each ASEAN country, who have been officially endorsed by their respective governments, for the development of young entrepreneurship in the region. Entrepreneurship is seen not only as a means to promote innovation but also to contribute to poverty alleviation and inclusive growth in developing nations.

Objectives of the AYEC include capacity building, best practice sharing, networking, and policy recommendations. One other important mandate of the Council is for the formation of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association, which will be able to cater to the needs of individual businesses within ASEAN. The Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association is proud to be one of the leading architects in this initiative and the designated Lead Association to represent Myanmar on the AYEC.

ASEAN China Young Entrepreneurs Forum

The ASEAN China Young Entrepreneurs Forum is held annually and brings together young entrepreneur associations and groups from around ASEAN for the purposes of networking and education. It is held in different countries within ASEAN and China and MYEA is proud to have hosted the forum in 2014 when Myanmar was Chair of ASEAN.